Business Class Internet

Whether a small business or large enterprise, Citizens Fiber provides a reliable fiber optic internet connection that will support all your business functions. Add on Managed Networking for an optimized WiFi experience within your business.

All of our connections offer symetrical upload speeds to give you a reliable, fast way to backup data offsite, monitor camera systems, or perform any other activity where your business is sending data out.‡

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Starting at 1000 Mbps Download Speed
Starting at 300 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Speeds up to 10Gbps available†
  • Symmetrical speeds available
  • Static IP Included
  • Domain Name Registration Included



Up to 300 Mbps Download Speed
Up to 300 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Static IP Included
  • Domain Name Registration Included

Commercial 2


Up to 150 Mbps Download Speed
Up to 150 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Static IP Included
  • Domain Name Registration Included

Commercial 1


Up to 50 Mbps Download Speed
Up to 50 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Static IP Optional
  • Discounted Domain Name Registration

* - Price is for GPON delivery of lowest Gigabit speed of 1000 Mbps Down / 300 Mbps Up, call for pricing on higher speed levels

† - 10 Gbps speed not available at all locations

‡ - Our gigabit connection does offer a non-symmetrical, value option. Symmetrical connections are available at every level.

Professional Timely Support

"We had a lot of bandwidth issues prior to moving to Citizens Internet and it's really been mitigated since we made the switch. Our service has been a lot more professional, timely. It's just been a great experience for us all the way around."

Pat McKula -- McKula, Inc.

Managed Wifi

What's more frustrating than internet service that doesn't work seamlessly throughout your business? Citizens networking solutions allows you to optimize coverage in your business. Set up a guest network that doesn't touch your private network, so your guests can enjoy access to WiFi without infringing on your business operations.

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Common Questions

Most Internet Service Providers list their packages as a single speed, such as "150 Mbps", but this doesn't tell the whole story. Your Internet service consists of both an upload and a download speed, and many other providers have a large discrepancy between the two. They are telling you what you can get for download speeds, but upload speeds can be just as important for many customers, especially businesses. Upload is important if you are doing things such as using IP security cameras, video conferencing, off-site backups, or just have a lot of Internet traffic. If your upload speeds are being throttled, it will impact your download speeds as well. Because of these factors, we have designed our Internet packages so that you are getting what you pay for, both down and up.
There are a lot of network variables on the Internet, some of which can be controlled and managed by your local Internet Service Provider, but most of which cannot. When offering such high Internet speeds, it's often that the content you are being served isn't available to be transmitted at the subscribed speed. You may experience bottlenecks from time to time that will make your Internet appear slower than it is. We host an "on-network" speed test server ( that will be able to tell you if you are getting full service through our network. Another variable is packet overhead, which essentially means that the data you are transmitting and receiving has built in transmission information. This extra built in information is required for the data to traverse the network and will slightly lower your speeds. We do try to account for packet overhead by provisioning our Internet packages at about 5% over the advertised rates.
When you connect your router or other gateway device to the Internet, it receives a public IP address from our pool of available addresses. This address is assigned randomly, and it becomes your temporary Internet location. It's how all other computers on the Internet are able to communicate with you. This address is subject to change without notice, and for most customers that is not a problem. Some customers would like to always have the same addresses, particularly in situations where businesses have more involved uses for the Internet. This is frequently seen with customers that may be hosting service locally, such as an FTP server for clients to upload data, IP security cameras, remote desktop access, or other resources that may require remote access. A static IP is useful in these cases so the services can always be accessed remotely. Static address options are included with Commercial 2 level and higher and are available as an add-on to lower levels. We can also offer multiple static IPs, or network ranges, for an additional fee.
Multi-gigabit speeds are also an option. In the rare case that a customer needs more than a 1000/1000 Mbps Internet connection, we can offer a dedicated, enterprise-level Internet service for your business. We are a multi-homed provider with redundant routers and direct Fiber-optic connections to popular Pittsburgh data hubs. We have already done the heavy lifting for you, and we can provide the last mile as well. Enterprise-level connections are billed at various data-rates, so you pay for what you need. We will setup a direct Ethernet connection into our core Internet switch and provide you with public IP space to get your network online. This option isn't as simple as other service options and will require some additional network infrastructure on the customer side, but we can work with your IT team to get your services up and running.
Our services up to 1 Gigabit are delivered through a GPON access network. This means our services are delivered on a 100% Fiber-optic network. We don't use aging legacy copper networks that weren't designed and optimized for high-speed Internet access to supply services; we have built our network from the ground up specifically for ultra high-speed Internet. GPON delivers point-to-multipoint service over passive splitters in the plant. The use of passive equipment means that there are less points of failure on our network, and we won't lose service because of a power failure miles away that would otherwise not impact your business. Our GPON deployment also allows us to grow, as the equipment we have put in place now will be compatible with newer, higher speed technologies as they become available.