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The phone system you need.
A price you can afford.

Hosted Voice is a cloud-based phone system that makes your employees more productive and your business run smoother. It delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining a PBX. With Hosted Voice, you'll get powerful features such as auto attendant, unified messaging, find-me follow-me, and call center functions. Best of all, the low-up front and monthly cost won't break the bank.

With Hosted Voice you can take advantage of over 50 features and multiple phone models. A full featured web portal allows you to customize how your employees work. Need more? Hosted Voice includes Unified Communications features like instant messaging, video chat, presence (co-worker status) and voice to text transcription that integrates across all your devices - desktop, mobile, and tablet. It's truly the last phone system you'll ever need.

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Low up-front cost and predictable monthly expenses

With hosted voice, there are no surprises. You pay for only what you need.

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Focus on your business - not your phone system

No premises-based equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space

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An end-to-end secure and reliable solution

Your service provider delivers a high quality, reliable solution over our managed network

Superior disaster recovery solution as compared to premises-based PBXs

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Integrate your mobile device, laptop, or tablet with our downloadable apps

Make and receive calls anywhere you have an internet connection

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Leverage technology

Flexible infrastructure can grow as you grow

Feature upgrades are done in the network - seamlessly

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Easy management and administration

Admins and users easily control Hosted Voice from any web browser

Tailor calling features to individuals or groups

A wealth of capabilities to make your business more productive

Hosted Voice includes a wealth of features and capabilities. They include:

  • Web portal enables users to manage calls, faxes, and voicemails; administrators have powerful features to configure business-level features

  • Desktop and mobile client/app enable instant messaging and "presence" capabilities (if they are available or not) with your work group or entire company

  • Outlook integration, click-to-dial, and voicemail-to-email integrates Hosted Voice into how you work every day

  • Call Manager allows users to easily personalize the service to meet their individual needs - features like find-me/follow-me and simultaneous ring (with your mobile device)

  • Auto Attendant is highly flexible and works in tandem with music-on-hold to play music or messages

  • Call logs provide a detailed record of your business's usage; also deploy account codes to track at a greater depth

  • Optional features include contact center capabilities, call recording, and audio conferencing

Caller ID with Name
Speed Dial, Short Codes, Intercom Codes
Automatic Call Back, Automatic Recall
Multiple Call Appearances, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer
Call Hold/Park/Pickup
Paging/Intercom Features
Shared Line Appearance
?Ability to monitor another phone, receive its calls, and transfer or send to voicemail
End User Web Portal
Business Call Manager (BCM)
?Enables customized call forwarding like simultaneous ring to a mobile device
Receptionist Features
?Ability to monitor an entire office, seeing who's available, and easily transferring calls
Voicemail to Email
?Sends an email to any address notifying you of a voicemail
Do Not Disturb
Contact Management
Click to Dial
Desk phone Customization
?A graphical user interface allowing you to configure phone buttons to your personal needs
Desktop Client
Mobile apps - iOS + Android
Fax to Email
Call Jump

Business-Level Features Included:

Admin Portal

Music On Hold

Account Codes

Multi Line Hunt Groups

Call Pickup Groups

Call Logs

Easy Attendant (Auto Attendant)

A la carte Extras:

Premium Attendant

Audio Conferencing

ACD (Call Center) - Agent Seat

Receptionist Soft Console

ACD (Call Center) - Supervisor Seat

Communicate more effectively with Accession

Accession enables you to integrate voice, instant messaging, video, and email into a single, cross platform user experience. Accession will become the primary means by which your employees communicate. Key benefits include:

  • Softphone enables voice communications, either within the client itself or integrated with the desk phone or mobile device

  • Corporate directory/contact management - communicate with a click of a mouse, via IM, voice, or video. Add and subtract contacts from in or outside your company, or integrate with your Outlook contacts

  • "Presence" capabilities - know the status of your co-workers real time - available, away, in a meeting, or offline - so you know the best way to reach them

  • Works with Windows and Mac- based operating systems

  • Visual voicemail - listen to your voicemails in any order, also see the voice to text transcription

  • Integrate with Outlook email to see presence status and click to dial or chat

  • Integrate with CRM and business productivity tools such Salesforce, Sugar CRM, WebEx, and Google

Accession runs on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS

Move calls seamlessly between your devices

User interface enables contact management for calls and IM's


Extend your deskphone
to your mobile device with Accession Mobile

Accession extends the rich experience found in Hosted Voice to your mobile device. Make and receive calls or easily move them between your desk and mobile clients or handsets. Save mobile minutes, especially internationally. by using WiFi or 3G/4G mobile data channels for calling.

  • Instant messaging integrated with other users in your company

  • View your entire corporate directory or just the contacts you want

  • View "presence" status for your co-workers

  • Use Call Jump to move a call from your mobile device to your desk phone, Accession Desktop, or any number you choose

  • Optimized user experience enables users to segregate business usage and calls from personal usage

Accession uses cutting edge technology to ensure a high level of voice quality, even in so-so coverage. You can even move from a WiFi hotspot to a 3G/4G mobile data network without the call dropping. Accession has been highly optimized so that it uses very little battery life.

Accession running on iPhone - Dial Pad

Accession running on Android - Dial Pad

Accession running on Android - Visual Voicemail


A phone to fit any budget

For the best in voice quality, and performance, we've chosen Yealink as our preferred phone provider for Hosted Voice. Yealink is an industry leader in IP handsets and offers a broad portfolio of devices to support any need. Phones are available in either a lease or purchase option.

Desktop Softphone

Ideal for on-the-go employees, our desktop and mobile client enable you to go phone free.

Phones Softphone

Move your contact
center to the cloud

Contact Centers increasingly see the benefits of moving their infrastructure into a cloud-based environment. Since contact center equipment is costly to purchase and maintain, our cloud-based model enables you to purchase services in a more efficient manner, buying only what you need.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and queueing functions through both Easy Attendant and Premium Auto Attendant

  • Call routing algorithms include longest idle, round-robin, and first available

  • Agent portal shows performance against KPIs

  • Supervisor features include whisper, barge, and listen

  • Administrative dashboard and reporting capabilities enable effective management and insight into call center performance

Auto Call Distribution - Summary Graphs

Auto Call Distribution - Detailed Graphs

Auto Call Distribution - Wallboard View